Handcrafted adaptive* design

55 Minutes provides a fresh, comprehensive approach to web application design and development. We bring beautiful, user-friendly designs to life with proven techniques and tools, making sure your application is an amazing experience on the desktop and in your hands.

Our services


Show us your design and requirements, and we will make sure you have a rock-solid implementation thatʼs easy to extend and maintain.


Weʼll work on your product now as you ramp up your team. Then weʼll train your new hires on the processes and tools to continue development after 1.0.


Are you a designer with a great idea? A small business ready to disrupt your industry? Letʼs brainstorm, whiteboard, sketch, and build the next big thing together.

*Adaptive design?

Adaptive design is a pragmatic approach to designing for today’s web that ensures your application will deliver the best experience to the widest audience, while still focusing on the customers that matter most. At 55 Minutes, we create smart, flexible systems for your content that adapt to the constraints and unique capabilities of the latest browsers and mobile devices. We have the experience and eye for detail to make this approach work.

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